Specialty Services

First things first: To most effectively deliver against your media and marketing needs, Thirty Ink will know your business almost as well as you do. Of course, this is essential for us in providing the highest level of communications counsel that will help ensure your business reaches its target audiences and achieves its ultimate objectives.


On behalf of clients, the primary intent/focus behind our proactive media/public relations campaigns is to:

  • Build market share;
  • Enhance reputation;
  • Establish a unique brand image/create differentiation; and
  • Substantiate new business efforts/increase bottom-line profitability.

Thirty Ink's specialty services are focused in several key areas, including:


Media Relations 

  • Initiating media outreach strategies and story angles that result in clients gaining prominent editorial coverage on its products and/or services in top-tier national, regional, business/financial, and industry media outlets.
  • Positioning partners/top company executives as "go-to" news sources for reporters seeking valuable industry commentary and insight, thereby demonstrating the firm's expertise and further enhancing its reputation.
  • Arranging editorial interviews with key reporters at top media outlets read by customers and prospects. Connect interviews to topics that the firm or company wants to "own" and be seen as an expert source.
  • Training and coaching partners/company executives to work most effectively, efficiently, and comfortably with the media.

Marketing & New Business

  • Developing strategic marketing plans aimed at growing existing client bases, gaining client referrals, and attracting the attention of prospects and potential new employees.
  • Planning, positioning and delivering clients' messages to key target customer audiences.
  • Directing corporate positioning and branding.
  • Merchandising firm capabilities and positive "in the news" media coverage via various communication modes to prospective and existing clients.
  • Identifying and securing speaking platforms for top partners/executives.
  • Creating special events to assist a firm/company to increase market share, brand identity, and industry knowledge and awareness of its capabilities.

Influencer Marketing

  • Identifying and developing relationships with key influencers who reach clients’ target audiences. Determining parameters for relationships.
  • Creating quality content that aligns with influencers’ audience; distributing content to influencers on an ongoing and strategic basis to ensure favorable mentions.
  • Maximizing utilization of shareable content on clients’ web sites by promoting it through social media and influencer channels.
  • Engaging social listening tools and responding to online commentary about industry/brand; establishing a social presence noticed by desired influencers.

Social Media

  • Building and managing social media campaigns to enhance visibility for your brand and support communications objectives.
  • Executing outreach efforts specifically through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blog platforms, and apps.
  • Integrating the SEO benefits of social media with traditional PR efforts to increase search rankings and further create market awareness.

Crisis Management & Communications

  • Developing an overall crisis plan including external/internal communications timelines, channels, and message delivery to priority press as well as all key constituents.
  • Confirming key spokespeople and responsibilties; assigning response team members and coordinating potential incoming press inquiries.
  • Drafting template written statements/releases customized by event (e.g., natural disaster, discontinuity of service, employee discord/strikes, cyber/data breach, criminal incidents).

Writing Accurate & Compelling Copy

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures/other firm literature
  • Bylined articles
  • Case histories
  • Employee newsletters
  • Internal communications
  • Press announcements
  • Press kits
  • Social media
  • Speeches
  • Staff biographies
  • Trade shows
  • Web sites